Why You Should Have Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

Why You Should Have Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

For the special rings that you wear everyday such as wedding and engagement rings it is important to keep them bright and shiny.  One of the best ways to protect your significant piece is getting it regularly cleaned to ensure no dirt and dust build up ruin its quality!  However, the cleaning process is quite tedious and if it is done improperly can seriously damage your piece.  Let’s go over why you should skip the DIY at home cleaning process and get it done professionally.  

Maintaining Your Piece’s Health

 For starters, in orders to maintain the integrity of your ring you first must prevent the problem.  For example, your engagement or wedding ring should steer clear of any serious trauma.  Obviously, these special pieces are not typically taken off the hand because high-quality metals and stones can withstand it.  However, the most common enemy for your pieces is dirt and dust.  Dirt is prevalent in many daily activities, for example doing the dishes.  


If you want to be on top of it keeping your pieces clean be sure to remove them before activities that require you to be hands on.  Anything from gardening or even prepping food can wear on your rings and other pieces over time.  

Why You Should Clean Your Jewelry

Earlier we talked about how not cleaning your jewelry can cause damage to it.  Now damage can start slowly like stones changing color or dimming to even bigger issues like deterioration of metals.  Not cleaning your jewelry pieces can affect your health as well.  It sounds crazy, but a jewelry piece that continuously gets dirty can cause skin irritation or even flare up allergies.  

Cleaning Your Jewelry at Home 

Often if someone goes the route of cleaning their jewelry on their own at home it causes more harm than good.  One example is that some people believe that toothpaste is an effective way to clean their jewelry, which is not the case.  The problem with toothpaste is if it is not fully washed away it hardens like glue, which is hard to remove later on.  A positive way to maintain your jewelry at home is to regularly buff your piece with a microfiber cloth with mild dish soap.  Steer clear of lemon juice, toothpaste, and other acids to clean, they will only end up damaging your pieces.  

When It Is Time to Get Professional Cleaning

This is a hard question to put a timeline on.  It really all depends on how often your jewelry is exposed to the elements.  Generally, diamond pieces can go longer while more fragile pieces like opal need to be cleaned more often.  Some jewelers will clean your pieces for free if they are purchased from them.  If that is not the case typically they will charge you between $25-50.  This can be a good opportunity for your jewelers to see the piece and evaluate the conditions.  

Get Your Pieces Cleaned by The Professionals

Whether you are looking to buff out your beautiful engagement ring or you are looking to restore the shine in your birthstone we have you covered.  Tower Square Jewelers team has the tools and equipment to get your jewelry pieces cleaned and restored in a fast and professional manner.  Contact us today by calling us at 508-699-7855 or by filling out a contact form on our website. 

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