What You Need To Know About Jewelry Repair

Your favorite jewelry increases in personal value as they go through the daily wear and tear of everyday use. Some of these jewelry pieces hold the best memories of your beautiful life. Hence, damage or accident does not diminish its worth or value. All you need is to repair and maintain the jewelry. A certified jeweler can help in this situation to make your chain or ring as new as possible. But there are certain things to note about jewelry repair.

What you need to know about jewelry repair

Do you need repair work for your favorite jewelry? Here are some essential points to know about jewelry repair.

Types of Repair

Knowing what types of services are available at a jewelry repair store is essential. These services include any of the following and many others.

  • Resizing a Ring

You can resize a ring to fit your new finger size. Both instances of losing or gaining weight require resizing a precious ring. You don’t have to keep it locked away just because it no longer fits. A jeweler can help resize the ring to fit.

  • Loose Stones

The gemstone on a piece of jewelry might become loose. You can easily detect this problem when the stone starts to move or shake. A simple repair can help to fix it firmly or tighten it.

  • Chain Repair

Chain repairs vary and depend on the damage. Sometimes, the problems lie with the links. Repair to a broken link is different from that of an overstretched link. Chain types also determine the type and duration of repairs.

  • Shank Repair

Engagement and wedding rings are most likely to experience wear and tear that affect the shank. Everyday use makes this occurrence common. It is better to bring it to a jeweler before the ring experience fracture.

  • Prong Repair

Constant use of rings can also cause the prong to wear. Paying attention to this part of the ring as it holds the stones is important. Bringing the ring for early repair will prevent the stone from falling off.

How Long Do Repairs Take?

A jewelry repair duration can range from a few minutes to a few days. It all depends on the type of repair. Some repairs are simple and only include reconnecting broken points of the jewelry. Some repairs require careful art and craft. Examples include cutting stones to a new shape or resizing a ring. These types of repairs take time. Also, some special types of repair require rare tools that might not be available at the time of inquiry. Overall, bringing in your repair works early is best, especially if you have a target of use.


A piece of jewelry can maintain its lustrous properties with proper maintenance. Maintenance includes a method of use, care, and repair. It is best to repair any wear or damage on your jewelry to avoid further complications. However, contacting a certified jeweler who can do an excellent job at the proper time is also vital. Do you need the services of such an experienced jeweler with a track record of trust and excellent services? Consider contacting Tower Square Jewelers for jewelry repair work that leaves your jewelry new and shiny.

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