Tips You Need to Know Before Customizing an Engagement Ring

Tips You Need to Know Before Customizing an Engagement Ring


If you have never had a custom piece of jewelry made, the thought of creating your own custom engagement ring may seem daunting.  However, making a one of a kind engagement ring is so much easier than most think.  Going custom may take a little more time, but most people say that the custom route is easy, enjoyable, and worthwhile in the end. Creating a custom made engagement ring is quite simple especially when you know how to prepare for the design process.  

Interested in creating your own engagement ring design with ease?  Read on to learn the 8 things you need to know about creating a custom engagement ring.  


Simply creating a custom engagement ring is going to take more time than just ordering a ring that is ready to go.  To create your own engagement ring you are going to gather inspiration, create the design, fine tune that design, then have it crafted.  On average, it can take up to 3 to 6 weeks for your rings to be finished from start to finish.  So be sure to allow this extra time in your schedule if you plan on going custom.  


Before even starting the process of customizing your engagement ring you should be setting your budget.  This will set in stone the amount you are willing to spend on the process that way you do not alter from that number.  This is also helpful for the jeweler as they will be able to get a good idea as they can maximize your budget during the process.  This is a good way to take care of the aspects of the ring that you care about most.  

Selecting Your Jewelry

A big part of the journey when it comes to customizing a piece of jewelry is carefully selecting your jewelry.  Part of ensuring that you find the right pieces is finding the right jewelers.  Finding a jeweler that specializes in  custom work is crucial as they will have experience and skills that they need to bring your idea to life.  Once you think that you found a quality store to create your piece, ask them if they have a portfolio of their recent custom work to get a gauge on the quality of their work.  

After all, if your goal is to create the perfect engagement ring for that special someone you want to make sure that ring holds strong for a lifetime.  If you are looking for an experienced jeweler in Massachusetts, the expert designers and craftsmen at Tower Square Jewelers would love to help you create your ideal ring! 

Consider Your Partners Taste

Ultimately your partner is going to be the one wearing the custom engagement ring, so you should strongly consider their style and tastes.  This of course includes their aesthetic preference and their practical preference.  What is their preferred style? Classic, modern, vintage, glam?  Also, take into consideration their lifestyle concerns, does your partner work with their hands?  If so, it may be more ideal for an elevated setting or one that is easier to clean after a long day of work.  

If you are unsure of your partner’s taste, pay attention to the clothes and accessories they tend to wear.  As far as practicality goes see what type of hobbies or activities they regularly partake in, a jeweler will always be more than happy to help you.  


It is very common for people to show up on the first meeting with the jeweler and have inspiration photos ready to go.  These are examples of engagement rings that they like and would like to use to incorporate in their own customization.  However, it is important to point out that inspiration can come from anywhere.  For example there may be inspiration that you find in other types of jewelry.  Bringing in inspiration is a standard part of the custom design process, but just know that your inspiration does not have to be standard.  

Engagement Ring Sizes

As you begin your journey of creating your dream ring, it is helpful to have an understanding of common engagement ring sizes.  Knowing all your options will put you in a better situation when it is time to decide.  You do not need to be an expert on engagement setting styles but it is good to know the basics so you have a solid foundation.  To get you started on learning here are some of the most common engagement ring styles:

  • Solitaire: Solitaire rings feature only one center stone.  They often can feature embellishments like engravings but never any side stones.  
  • Diamond Band: Any engagement ring with diamonds on the band will be placed in this category.  Most rings would be considered for the solitaire category if it did not feature diamonds on the band.  
  • Halo: In these designs the center stone sits within a “halo” of smaller stones.  The smaller stones are usually diamonds but can be any gemstone.  
  • Three Stone: As in the name these rings offer three center stones instead of one.  They are meant to represent a couple’s past, present and future.  
  • Split Shank:  These unique rings offer a band that splits open hence the name.  
  • Vintage-Inspired: These rings are new designs that draw inspiration from vintage eras. 
  • Prong Set:  These rings offer prongs to hold the gemstones in place, any type of style can feature a prong setting.  
  • Bezel Set:  Somewhat similar to prong set rings the center stone is held in place by a ring of metal.  

Understanding Engagement Ring Materials

When building an engagement ring it is important to have an understanding of both the style and the material options.  You have two aspects to consider during your process: the gemstone and the precious metal.  Engagement rings typically have one higher carat weight center gemstone, then may or may not feature side stones.  The most common center stone for an engagement ring is a round cut diamond, but with customization you will have other options to choose from.  

For an engagement rings precious metal, people generally choose one of the four metals: Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.  You can most definitely choose from these four metals based on your design and style that you are going for.  

Enjoy the Process

The last and final tip is to just simply enjoy the process.  After all, you are building a dream ring for someone you truly love and care about.  Take the time to be present and enjoy creating a one of a kind ring.  

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For all things considered when it comes to custom work on engagement rings you want to be sure that you are working with experienced professionals.  Tower Square Jewelers have been working in the jewelry industry for decades and have created and seen thousands of engagement rings.  Get started in your customization process today by contacting our team!  Reach us directly by calling us at 508-699-7855 or by filling out a contact form on our website.  

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