The Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes

diamond shapes

Regarding engagement rings, your shape says a lot about your style and the everlasting love you feel. Each cut adds a personal touch to the sign of love and devotion, which tells a unique tale. Here, the beauty of diamonds and the craftsmanship of ring design come together in a tour of the most beloved engagement ring shapes. Let this guide illuminate the features and appeal of the most coveted forms, such as the traditional brightness of a round cut and the distinct elegance of a princess cut, so that you can discover the appropriate emblem of your enduring love story.

Round Diamonds


Round diamonds are one of the most common shapes all over the world. The round cut of a diamond allows for the most possible reflection of light, giving the stone its famously brilliant glitter. Those who value classic style and cherish the past will find this form just right.

round diamond
princess cut

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Those needing a touch of modern glamour will find the princess-cut diamond an ideal option. This design’s sharp angles and square silhouette exude an air of refined elegance. Many people looking for an engagement ring that will last a lifetime choose a princess cut because it combines classic and modern elements perfectly.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds


Characterized by its rectangular shape and cut corners, the emerald-cut diamond embodies understated beauty. With its open table and long lines, this style is perfect for showing off a hall-of-mirrors impression and emphasizing transparency. It is ideal for individuals who love a bit of class with their vintage style.

emerald cut
Asscher-Cut diamond

Asscher-Cut Diamonds

The Art Deco era inspired the Asscher-cut diamond. This cut is characterized by its square shape and trimmed corners. It combines retro style with a contemporary twist, giving it an irresistible charm. The Asscher diamond is a popular choice for discerning brides. Its unique cut reflects a play of light and shadow, resulting in a captivating pattern. This shape is a perfect way to add a touch of enchantment to an engagement ring.

Oval Diamonds


In contrast to the old-fashioned round cut, oval diamonds have a modern spin that adds to their timeless allure. The finger looks slimmer than it is because of the lengthened curve. Oval diamonds, which combine the fire of a round cut with a distinctive shape, are ideal for individuals who want a classic look that is just a little bit different.

oval cut diamond

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Deciding on the ideal shape for an engagement ring is personal and often displays one’s sense of style and taste. There is a diamond shape for every taste; round diamonds are timeless, princess cuts are all the rage, emerald cuts are subtle and beautiful, Asscher cuts are mesmerizing, and oval cuts are one-of-a-kind. Indulge in the thrilling journey of choosing an engagement ring that embodies your devotion while also connecting with your style and love narrative with the help of this guide. With an excellent collection that caters to varied tastes, Tower Square Jewelers is your trusted guide in engagement rings. We ensure that your sign of love is timeless and unforgettable. To make an appointment, call us at 508-699-7855 or fill out our contact form!

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