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Tower Square Jewelers is proud to serve Southern Massachusetts as it’s premier jewelry repair destination for over 20 years. Our trained experts will repair and restore any damaged or broken jewelry to make it look brand new! Our storefront location is in North Attleborough, MA. At Tower Square Jewelers, our experienced jewelers can restore ring sizing, diamond and gemstone settings, broken chains and bracelets, and custom jewelry services. We want you to contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you!

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Tower Square Jewelry Repair Services

Broken Jewelry Repair

We can repair broken chains, earrings, watches, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. That includes replacing a clasp that may be broken or worn out. Tower Square is here to help fix any damaged jewelry you may have!

Ring Resizing & Prong Re-Tipping

If a ring is too tight or too loose, Tower Square Jewelers can resize it to fit your finger comfortably. Along with that, prongs can wear down or break. Re-tipping prongs on your ring can make sure your stone stays in place and is secure.

Jewelry Polishing & Cleaning

Overtime, your custom jewelry can lose shine. Here at Tower Square, we can clean and polish your jewelry to make it look new! We also understand delicate pieces may have surface scratches or damage. We can also refinish your jewelry to its original finish.

Diamond & Gemstone Setting On The South Shore

Here at Tower Square Jewelers, we can customize any ring you want! If you have a gemstone in your jewelry that is chipped, cracked, or missing, our expert jewelers can replace it and reset the new stone correctly. You will work one-on-one with one of our professionals to make sure your ring is exactly what you envisioned. The reason why so many people choose Tower Square is because we are reputable and experienced. We provide a detailed estimate of the work needed on your specific jewelry item, including the cost and timeline. 

Contact Tower Square For Any Jewelry Repairs

Tower Square Jewelers, located in North Attleborough, Massachusetts, is the most trusted place to get any fine piece of jewelry fixed. We know exactly how to repair your valuables and heirlooms, allowing you to wear them for centuries to come. With the right expertise and craftsmanship at Tower Square, we will ensure your jewelry repair needs are met with our golden stands. Contact us here if you are in need of a jewelry repair or call us at (508) 699-7855.

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