How To Create The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Budget

Engagement rings come in various gem shapes, colors and sizes. This makes finding the perfect ring the first hurdle to cross over before you plan a proposal. However, it may be more difficult to be choosy if you are strictly on a budget. In this article, you can learn how to create the perfect ring that would fit into your budget.

Find Your Diamond

Picking the right stone is important because it is the most conspicuous part of an engagement ring. Always consider the shape, size and weight of the diamond before you make your choice. Large diamonds are typically more expensive than smaller ones because they require more resources to make. If you’re strictly on a budget, consider getting a small diamond instead. However, apart from the size of the diamond, the cut, color and clarity of the stone also affect the price of the ring.

Choose Your Setting 

The ring setting is another element that determines how nicely the ring fits. There are different ring settings, including halo, vintage, traditional cuts, and modern designs. Here, your imagination can take you as far as you would like. It’s, however, important to consider your partner’s tastes or preferences. Still, you can create your design or modify any samples you find to your taste. When choosing a setting, be careful to strike a balance between classy and trendy. Some designs are more versatile than others, and intricate details often cost more than conventional settings.

Pick Your Band

The band is the metal that will be used to craft the setting and hold the diamond in place. Common band options are gold, silver, and platinum. Your partner’s frequent choice of jewelry may give you a hint as to what metal to select for the band. The band is what connects your stone setting to make up a perfect engagement ring. So, ensure that you pick a band that complements the color of your stone.


No one loves a loose ring. Not only do loose rings look less appealing, you run the risk of losing them. So, the final phase of your design may come after you have popped the question. People often guess or use their partner’s fashion rings as a measurement for the ring size and have the ring resized after the proposal. Where you are unable to gauge an accurate measurement, you can get a standard-sized ring and resize it to its new owner’s fingers afterward.

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Designing your engagement ring is a beautiful adventure. What’s more, you can find your shade of beauty without stepping out of your budget or settling for less. It’s important to make this decision calmly without pressure from outsiders. Better still, ask questions from the vendor or an expert about the different types of diamonds available within your budget. What better way to create the perfect engagement ring than with Tower Square Jewelers? At Tower Square, you can explore different diamond designs and settings within your budget. We also offer expert advice to help you make the best selection. We serve Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island with our custom jewelry pieces. Contact us here to get started, or give us a call at (508) 699-7855.

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