Can Diamonds & Gemstones Be Replaced?

Every gemstone has a story, and each one is meaningful. No matter the gem or the damage, expert jewelers will bring back its beauty and make your jewelry sparkle like new again. They handle all types of gemstones, settings, and jewelry with care and skill, ensuring everything looks its best. In this blog, we will explore the process of replacing diamonds and gemstones on a piece of jewelry.

Types Of Jewelry Stone Repairs

If your gemstone gets loose or falls out due to a busy lifestyle or a hard knock, take it to an expert. They can tighten the prongs to secure it. If the stone is damaged or lost, a professional jeweler can replace it. Our skilled jewelers are experienced in a wide range of jewelry stone repairs. They commonly restore gemstones including diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, opals, aquamarines, citrines, pearls, tourmalines, tanzanites, and garnets, among others.

Reset Your Gemstones Setting

Settings are designed to secure diamonds and enhance their visual appeal. For instance, a classic prong setting reduces the visibility of metal, allowing more of the diamond to shine. Some settings are crafted to create a dramatic effect, making the diamond appear larger, while others are designed to reflect more light, enhancing the stone’s brilliance. Some other examples of settings you can use are channel, bezel, pave, tension, illusion, and trellis. 

Cost Of A Stone Jewelry Replacement

Many factors can affect the cost of ring or jewelry stone replacement. First, the size of the stone is crucial in determining the cost of a new one. The larger the stone, the more expensive it will be to replace it. Next, the quality can heavily affect the cost. You want to make sure the quality of your stone matches the quality of the piece. Go to a trusted jeweler who will take good care of your stones. Another factor is the cutting of the ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet. The specific cut that would be needed to match the original design may need to be given extra love and labor. Lastly, the type of setting can affect the amount of labor involved. A more timely type of setting may cost more than a simple setting. We recommend sitting down with a jeweler and making sure they are credited and loved by their clients. 

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